A truly complex city, filled with passion and determination, Boston, Massachusetts is a place with endless lessons to learn. Not until I went to college out of state, did I realize how very unique this city really is. As an adult, I can understand the difference in perspective. I also see Boston differently than most; a beautiful gem full of diversity and preservation of culture. Unlike many places, Boston provides a place to truly flourish. With the best hospitals, high ranking colleges and universities, and a sport-fanatic’s happy ending, it has made Boston a remarkable destination.

Here are my Top 5 Things to Do in Boston

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1. Take in a game!

Whether it’s basketball, baseball or football, make sure you watch a game. Boston sports fans are compared to none other. They create a distinct vibe that makes the entire experience unforgettable. Some of the teams have been around for so long, that they are historical jewels. Even if you are unable to actually watch a game, you should take a tour of the different stadiums and arenas.


2. Try some West Indian Food.

Unbeknownst to many, Boston has a large West Indian population and with that, comes great Caribbean cuisine. The array of countries represented in this cultural hub, allows for so many different food options. Ali’s Roti provides a variation of Trinidadian fare, from curry dishes to rotis to rice dishes. If you are looking for authentic Jamaican food, be sure to check out Flames Restaurant for all your jerk chicken needs. There are also various Dominican, Haitian and Barbadian restaurants guaranteed to satisfy any foodie’s palette.


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3. Shop til’ you drop!
If you are a lover of fine clothes, shoes and accessories, Boston is the place to shop. Newbury Street, Copley Mall and Downtown Boston, are some of the areas that have the best stores. If you are looking for designer clothes, or just looking for a unique piece to take your wardrobe to the next level, these shopping areas are the perfect source. Boston has just the right selections, and without the sales tax. Score!


4. Get into the arts!
The music, art, and culture scene in Boston has grown tremendously through the years. With institutions like Berkeley School of Music, and Boston Arts Academy, the city has become a creative euphoria. Boston Summer Arts Weekend is an annual event where local artists can perform in the popular Copley Plaza. The Museum of Fine Arts is the home to signature and historical pieces. Local businesses also provide a space for artists to perform. Daryl’s Corner and The Middle East, are just a couple of noteworthy places that host live performers, weekly.


5. Be Adventurous!
There are a number of beautiful sites in Boston for the venturesome. Charles River is a place where you can go for a jog or indulge in kayaking and canoeing. On a day with great weather, you can go windsurfing at the historic Castle Island. Don’t forget to visit the Blue Hills Reservation – a trail full of hills for hiking, magnificent scenery and wildlife. It is the perfect place to truly satisfy an urge to be completely engrossed in nature.

Book your flight, ferry, bus or train ticket today, to fully experience this authentic metropolis! Hardly Home but always representing. Ps, some of us Bostonians know how to pronounce our r’s. 🙂

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