I got the idea a while ago to offer an exclusive t-shirt subscription where for a small monthly fee ($14.99 includes tax + shipping) you’ll receive in your mailbox a SURPRISE T-SHIRT designed and printed by yours truly!

After sharing my idea, I found that a number of people were interested and so I’m now kicking it off and making this offer public and available.  The shirts you will receive will not be available for sale anywhere else, including HardlyHome.com except for those who are signed up via this monthly subscription making your apparel truly exclusive!

Every first of the month I will ship out your brand new merchandise.  

Although I’m sure you’ll be happy with your exclusive merchandise, because you’ll stand out and everyone will ask and wonder where you got your cool ass shirt from, you can unsubscribe or make changes to your subscription at any time by simply emailing sales@hardlyhome.com.

Your continued support of my entrepreneurial endeavors are appreciated.

Additional updates and upgrades to follow!

Marcus King aka @MrHardlyHome




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