Here are a few FAQs (frequently asked questions) that we often hear, if your question is not listed below please Contact Us.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

All domestic orders typically ship and arrive in about a week. If you need an order by a certain date please let us know in the “Note to Seller” section during checkout.

For more information please review our Shipping and Return Policy.

Q: What are the benefits of using a travel agent compared to the Internet?

A: The Internet can be a powerful tool. It can increase the scope and reach of a consumer’s efforts and allow a person to check hundreds of options or research destinations in depth. But to make the Internet work effectively, a person has to understand where to look and what questions to ask, otherwise hours can be wasted surfing the Web and ultimately produce unsatisfactory results. This is where a travel agent can make a world of difference.

A professional travel agent is trained to guide a client through the entire process of planning a trip, whether for business or for leisure. Travel agents take classes, participate in seminars, become destination specialists and join professional associations in order to ensure they make each client’s travel experience as personalized, convenient and memorable as possible. When planning a business trip or family vacation, the Internet can be a valuable resource, but it cannot replace the expertise and guidance of a travel agent. Also, during travel crises, the Internet can’t replace a human being who will persist to help a client get restitution. So do everyone a favor and fill out our booking inquiry form here.

In addition when you book with us, a minimum 10% of the profits earned will go towards our philanthropic efforts with our Hardly Home Foundation.

Q: Can I set up a trip and make deposits?

A: Yes!

Q: Do you book cruises?

A: Yes, Hardly Home agents are able to book flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises and more!

Q: Do I need a passport on a cruise?

A: In light of heightened border security and thorough Transportation Security Administration (TSA) searches, it seems like a given that you need a passport to go on a cruise. Surprisingly enough, the cruise industry has a loophole that lets American passengers soak in the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and other destinations without a passport on “closed-loop” sailings out of U.S. ports.

If the ship begins and ends its voyage at the same domestic port, passengers can board by showing an official government birth certificate and — for anyone 16 or older — a government-issued photo ID. Of course, there are some exceptions: Barbados, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, St. Barts, St. Martin, and Trinidad and Tobago all require cruise passengers to have a valid passport in order to enter their countries. However, you can sail on a cruise that calls on these islands, as long as you stay on the ship at these ports.

One point to remember: Just because you can cruise without a passport doesn’t mean you should. If you were to miss the ship, not having a passport would make reentry into the U.S. a nightmare, so in other words “Don’t miss the boat!”

– Hardly Home, LLC.

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